Fujifilm Revoria Press SC180

Revoria Press SC180

Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 is a production printer that comes in a compact size with full office functions and quality prints various document types in high-resolution with precision. In addition to its attractive finishing features, the printer is also able to handle long paper and heavyweight paper.

Maximum speed of 80 ppm*1 and high productivity on mixed media jobs

Achieve high utilisation rate with the high-performance print engine producing at 80 ppm*1. Print mixed jobs*2 of coated and uncoated paper with minimum downtime along with image quality adjustment optimised when changing paper. Long paper of 330 x 1,200 mm can also be printed at 12 ppm with the Air Suction Feeder.

  • *1: For Revoria Press SC180. 70 ppm for Revoria Press SC170. 52 to 220 gsm, A4.
  • *2: When same paper size and speed priority mode is selected.

"Air suction feeder" with high media handling capabilities

Each sheet is picked up and delivered securely by the shuttle head with air suction, improving paper feeding performance for low quality, textured and coated media.

Supports Long Paper of Maximum 1,200 mm

From 98 x 148 mm to 330 x 488 mm, the printer supports a wide range of paper sizes. Equipped for all configurations, the Multi Sheet Inserter for Banner Print can also print on long paper (330 x 660 mm) with the options of one-sided printing on long paper (330 x 1,200 mm) and duplex automatic printing on long paper (330 x 864 mm) that open up new applications and business opportunities.

Handles Various Media Weight from 52 gsm to 400 gsm

Everything from thin folded flyers to thick business cards can be printed. Additionally, not only can it handle heavyweight long papers up to 350 gsm* but the efficiency in media handling and versatile printing are able to meet a wide range of customer requirements.

  • *: For one-sided printing of long paper of up to 330 x 660 mm from the optional Air Suction Feeder C1-DSXL or Chained Air Suction Feeder C1-DSXL-L. The supported paper weight differs depending on the feeder and paper length. For details, please check the Brochure.

Wide Variety of Finishing Options

Easily complete jobs from print to finish with automated features of the Revoria Press SC180 / SC170 and its wide variety of finishing options, including A3 Cover Sheet Insertion, Punch, Staple, Saddle Staple, Single Fold, Z Fold Half Sheet/Tri-Fold, Crease, Face Trim, Full Bleed Trim, and Square Back.